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Market cohabitation, high-definition traffic recorder how to choose?

Market cohabitation, high-definition traffic recorder how to choose?

2017/09/15 14:46
Anti-collision porcelain, anti-theft robbery, anti-scratch, anti-traffic disputes, ... ... because of the "one machine multi-purpose" and powerful, driving recorder quickly. Buy a car to send traffic recorder, is the most common car market promotional package. Even if the car does not give the traffic recorder, the user will buy one. However, the traffic recorder market cohabitation, the price is different, the parameters are numerous, many standards, how to buy a real "HD" driving recorder, is a lot of people headache one thing.
【Testing purposes】
Driving recorder are advertised "HD", "intelligent", "network of". Among the many labels, consumers are most concerned about "HD". Here on the "HD" this link, start testing.
【Test Methods】
Select the five models of the East and a treasure of the top of the traffic recorder, respectively, test and compare the "pixel", "field angle", "scene switching time" and "night imaging" effect.
The bigger the pixel, the better? NO! Pixel big shot farther
Buy driving recorder, often see an important parameter, from small to large are: 720P, 1080P, 1296P and 4K, these figures on behalf of what? These figures is actually a high number of pixels, replaced by everyone more familiar with the number of pixels, 720P corresponds to 1 million pixels, 1080P corresponds to 2 million pixels, 1296P corresponds to 3 million pixels, 4K highest, is 800 million pixels.
Why not use pixels directly? Car world Jun that the traffic recorder of the pixels generally low, can not be compared with the phone. In the mobile phone has been popular before and after the camera, the camera at least 10 million pixels of the Internet era, driving the recorder up to 8 million pixels of the data is really no hand. If you are a driving recorder seller, you just say "100 million pixels", the customer probably turned around and left. Not to mention, to provide 8 million pixels (4K) of the driving recorder or a minority, mostly in the 1 million to 3 million pixels between.
The larger the pixel, the more horizontal the distance in the same level. The test, the car world election with 120 degrees of horizontal field angle driving recorder. 720P can shoot up to 5.4 meters of the license plate, with a parking space length; 1080P can take the 8.2 meters away license plate, about 2 body length; 1296P shoot farthest, you can clearly captured 10.3 meters Of the license plate, about 2.5 body length.
Field angle is not the bigger the better 120 degrees best
Field angle is not the bigger the better? After the car world test, the answer is no, ultra wide angle is often sacrificed at the expense of the effect of photography. The same pixel level of the driving recorder, the larger the field of view the greater the imaging effect, not only significantly reduced clarity, and the image will be distorted and deformed. 30 degrees can better balance the imaging effect and field of vision range: in front of both sides, can cover three lanes; forward to monitor the entire front; to both sides of the adjacent side of the vehicle Dynamic can be clearly displayed on the screen.
Such as fear of touch porcelain, rear-end and other violations occurred in the traffic recorder to monitor the blind area, rather than blindly expand the level of field of view, it is better to develop good driving habits. For example, multi-use light sweep three rear-view mirror, grasp the surrounding vehicle driving state. Then do not need to install a backward driving recorder, the rear of the monitoring? Car world Jun that no need, because the rear end and side of the traffic accidents are mostly the other side full responsibility.
Scene switching time is easy to be ignored
September 22 this year, Yibin City, a large truck at night when the car will use the high beam, resulting in the van to the visual barrier, the van and a pedestrian impact after the pedestrian died on the spot. Afterwards, Yibin City traffic police that large truck drivers have a secondary responsibility for the accident. As an important evidence, the carts on the van record evidence of the use of high beam lights across large trucks. However, the driving recorder "scene switching" ability is limited, did not take a large truck license plate, a large truck license plate is the traffic police through traffic video surveillance access.
According to the US Highway Authority released statistics in 2016, about 8% of traffic accidents occurred in the tunnel or the other side is not the correct use of high beam, because the driver can not adapt to the sudden changes in the environment changes. Experienced old drivers will prepare a pair of sunglasses, before entering the tunnel, the sunglasses to wear, to avoid changes in the environment caused by vision loss or blindness. The driver's vision will be adjusted according to light and shade, driving recorder is also the same, the ability to quickly switch is very important.
The test, the car world prepared a "black box", which placed a bright screen on the smart phone. In the "black box" outside, put another screen is always bright smart phone. Switching time control within 0.3 seconds, divided into "bright to dark" and "dark to the Ming" two links, record the traffic recorder scene switching response time. From the test results list can be seen to participate in the test of five models of the driving recorder response time are not the same: short 1 second, long 6 seconds. The response time of the qualified traffic recorder from dim switch to bright environment should be between 3 and 4 seconds, and the response time from bright switch to dark environment should be within 1 to 2 seconds.
Night imaging: the effect is generally general
What kind of imaging is best? In the daytime, the eyes see and the screen shows exactly the same. In the night, the eyes can not see or see the scene, driving recorder should also be recorded. To carry out this part of the test only road test, the video will be recorded later re-evaluation. Day test five driving recorder, car world Jun feel the overall performance of the results are better. As the night falls, the performance of the drive recorder will be straight down, not the right exposure: not underexposed, that is, excessive exposure, or difficult to distinguish the details. Therefore, you can not expect the traffic recorder to be able to clearly capture the license plate number at night, the image quality can only be used to determine the accident liability and reproduce the accident process.
It is worth noting that the use of the night, the driving recorder is not really can restore the model color. Car world through the professional software to participate in the performance of the driving recorder recorder color performance scoring, the score is generally not high, the average score or even failed. Some people say that color is not important compared to clarity. In fact, not, the color helps the traffic police to quickly determine the identity of the vehicle and the perpetrators.
【Test Summary】
The test, only from the "pixel" "field of view angle" "scene switching ability" and "night imaging" four links to test the driving recorder "HD" performance. But in addition, the impact of driving recorder "HD" performance also frame rate, texture texture, noise (image acquisition random access to the interference signal), anti-vibration and high temperature reliability. However, behind the four professional enthusiasts will be concerned about the general users can not ignore. Remember, the same price, select the pixel high. The same pixel case, the choice of night imaging results better. Horizontal perspective is not the bigger the better, 120 degrees better, then big is useless. "Scene switching ability" is very important, the test method is also quite simple - directly cover the camera by hand to see the response time. Finally, really do not know what to choose, then increase the budget, such as from 400 yuan to 800 yuan. When a market is quite mixed confusion, the price is an important benchmark - dare to set high prices, usually stronger product.